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"All my energy, knowledge and love is invested in discovering how design can best respond to the way we live today. As well as how to be conciously present in a given moment, no matter how small and to live a meaningful life with real connections."

Hana Kroa is both my name and the name of my small creative textile company in Prague, Czech Republic. My studio offers fabrics solution for modern cozy living and combines design and workmanship in one place.  All my clients are very involved in creating their homes and I listen to their needs.  I offer a unique approach to interior influenced by 11 years of living half an hour North of Boston, right on the Atlantic coast. I worked there in a small soft furnishing company owned by an English woman who was fluent in French and loved English and Provence style.  She catered to end customers and high end interior designers and her work ranged from small New England homes to stunning houses on the coast. I started at the construction of the curtains and soon ended up to be in charge of all installations. It did not take long and I was in love - to see many houses before and after the renovation, to observe the process of creating a compact interior and see what all the details, including curtains, did to the feeling of a room. All this experience I find now priceless and those years definitely formed my approach to interiors in meaning of cozy, comfortable, elegant, happy, representative.

Now living back in the native Czech Republic I have my own studio in soft furnishing including the design. My experience from both continents continuously influences my ever evolving work. I work in both, the traditional and the modern style, always with touch of elegance and quiet/nature inspired look. I offer timeless interior fabrics that I have personally selected from many suppliers locally and mostly from England, Spain and France. I like to work directly with the producers, sometimes small family owned companies that love their work and take a pride in it. You can choose from a big range of solids and many prints on cotton and linen. Price range is 360-2000 Czech Crown/m. We can custom make all you need for your home.

Best is to come to the studio and explore your options. Next to offering bespoke interior textiles from abroad I design my own prints on natural fabrics and all the products made from it. This collection is small and makes a nice local touch to every day life. I hope you enjoy whatever you have chosen from my work, for many years.

Feel free to contact me  if you have any further questions or if you wish to come to the studio.

Hana Kroa
Cell: (+420) 603 786 299